Rules for guests staying in agriturismo with a pet

Your pet friend is welcome. However here are some common sense rules that need to be followed in order to facilitate coexistence with the other Guests

  • Pets must be declared at the time of booking
  • Your pet must not disturb other gusts, both when in the room and when going through the common areas.
  • Owners are responsible for the behaviour of their pet
  • Owners must be suitably equipped for the welfare of their pet
  • Owners are not allowed to leave their pet alone in the room for a long time both during the day or at night in order to prevent unpleasant situations.
  • It is forbidden to use towels and linen for your pet and it is not allowed to let your pet climb on beds, armchairs chairs and tables
  • In the common areas your pet must always be kept on a leash or be kept inside a carrier
  • Your pet must not do its needs in the room or in the common areas.  Should the pet soil the premises the owner has the responsibility to clean up immediately and notify the staff
  • An additional fee of 5€ per day is charged because rooms for guest staying with pets undergo special cleaning procedures
  • Owners are responsible, from the civil and criminal point of view, for all property damage and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet (art. 2052 of the Italian Civil Code)

We thank you and your pet friends for your cooperation.

The management