Agriturismo Padernello

Immersed in the plain of Brescia, within the Grande farmstead, the Agriturismo Padernello offers bed and breakfast accommodation and donkey therapy activities.

Padernello, an ideal destination for those who want to discover a territory rich in historical and natural elements, was born and developed around the Martinengo castle. Through inheritance, the property passed to the Salvadego Molin Ugoni counts who, with the expansion of the farms, stables and related facilities, gave the medieval layout of the village its agricultural connotation, which still makes it unique and characteristic today.

In 1963, our family moved to Padernello and took charge of leasing the property of the Salvadego counts.

Our Bettoni family has been part of the agricultural world for four generations. It is correct to speak of belonging because, in addition to the entrepreneurial activity of the sector, our family has preserved and handed down the Paduan farming culture. A knowledge made up of technical skills, but also of traditions.

The company that we took over from the Salvadego family represents a virtuous model for those times. The village of Padernello evolves and develops, but always maintains its wonderful combination: agriculture and nature.

Every building and structure is conceived and built with a specific rural purpose: dwellings, stables, porches, barns. The crops are functional in producing fodder for dairy cows, but they do not erode what represents the natural and landscape context of the beautiful countryside of Padernello.

From the 1970s, we began to buy part of the land and buildings, and it was precisely in the old granary, next to the castle, that the idea of creating a farmhouse arose in 2018. Thus, the recovery and enhancement work of the structures allowed us to give a new life to the farmhouse which, with the evolution of agricultural progress, had lost its specific functionality.